57-8-13.2. Conversion of convertible land — Amendment to declaration — Limitations

(1) The declarant may convert all or any portion of any convertible land into one or more units or limited common areas and facilities subject to any restrictions and limitations which the declaration may specify. Any such conversion shall be deemed to have occurred at the time of the recordation of the appropriate instruments under Subsection (2) of this section and Subsection 57-8-13(2).

(2) Simultaneously with the recording of the condominium plat pursuant to Subsection 57-8-13(2), the declarant shall prepare, execute, and record an amendment to the declaration describing the conversion. The amendment shall assign an identifying number to each unit formed out of a convertible land and shall reallocate undivided interests in the common areas and facilities in accordance with Subsection 57-8-13.10(2). The amendment shall describe or delineate the limited common areas and facilities formed out of the convertible land, showing or designating the unit or units to which each is assigned.

(3) All convertible lands shall be deemed part of the common areas and facilities except for such portions of them as are converted in accordance with this section. No such conversions shall occur after five years from the recordation of the declaration, or such shorter period of time as the declaration may specify, unless three-fourths of unit owners vote in favor of converting the land after the time period has expired.

Amended by Chapter 265, 2003 General Session

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