Keeping Good Company

Hobbs & Olson’s affiliation with Carpenter Hazlewood adds four additional members of the Utah Bar to our local team, and allows us to consult, share with and learn from the 29 condominium and HOA attorneys in Arizona and New Mexico.

ch-half-page-ad2-p3-1And the lawyers at Carpenter Hazlewood are among the nation’s most qualified. Six of the Carpenter Hazlewood team are members of the College of Community Association Lawyers. Lincoln Hobbs is the current president of the College; Scott Carpenter is a Past President. All of these attorneys actively participate in and contribute to the College.

Of the thousands of HOA and condominium attorneys practicing community association law in the United States, fewer than 175 have been granted membership in the College, and the College currently has only 152 active members. Fellows of the College distinguish themselves through contributions to the development of community association law. Their service is demonstrated by a commitment to educate and empower boards and residents of the more than 330,000 community associations across the country. CCAL attorneys commit themselves to high standards of professional and ethical conduct and work to create a community of experienced legal professionals to advance community association law for the betterment of the communities they serve.

Join Us for a Free Lunch!

The Utah Condominium and HOA lawyers at Hobbs & Olson | Carpenter Hazlewood will be sponsoring this week’s UCCAI Luncheon, and the speakers will be covering issues related to unit owner insurance coverage (HO-6 policies.

The luncheon will be held Thursday, November 10, at 11:30 a.m. at the Cottonwood Country Club.

We have a number of sponsor guest passes, so if you or anyone whom you know might be interested in attending, have them give us a call or drop us an email. The main office # is 801.519.2555, and you can email us through the links on this page.

The Essentials of Community Management

I’m in Natick, MA., preparing to teach the CAI course on The Essentials of Community Association Management tomorrow and Friday.  I don’t teach this course as often as some others, but every time that I do teach it, I am impressed as to what a good overview of the industry that it provides.  I’ve taught board members, attorneys and many managers in the course, and I think it provides knowledge at all levels.  If you haven’t taken the course, you should consider it.  It is also available as a home-study course, if you’re not inclined to take the time to learn from one of CAI’s distinguished national faculty members.

Truth in Advertising of "Utah HOA Attorneys".

There’s a new website out there that purports to be a listing of HOA attorneys in Utah.  There’s one firm listed on the site, and the listed lawyer (who won’t be identified) is identified as a “thoroughly [sic] attorney.”   Since I’d never seen the site before, I thought I’d give it the benefit of the doubt, and suggest Hobbs & Olson for a listing, but I clearly indicated in my email that I was not interested in paying for a listing.  5 minutes later, after 9 p.m., I received a response which stated: “we are a paid only service, we do not give space away for free…”

So, if you want to find a “thoroughly [sic] attorney,” who is paying to be the listed HOA attorney, you might want to find that other site by Googling it.  I’m not going to list it here, because that would be assisting that site’s credibility, and I don’t think that a website that purports to list “the best hoa attornies [sic] in Utah,” but that is a “paid only service” deserves any credibility.