About Hobbs & Olson | Carpenter Hazlewood


Hobbs & Olson Carpenter Hazlewood is a Salt Lake City, Utah-based law firm established, managed and operated by attorneys who believe that the practice of law can and should be an honorable and rewarding profession. Our attorneys and staff are committed to providing superior legal advice and service, while remaining mindful of the costs and personal strife that are inevitably associated with the need for legal services.

In early 2016, Hobbs & Olson entered into an affiliation agreement with the Arizona-based firm of Carpenter, Hazlewood, Delgado and Bolen. The affiliation of the firms allows Hobbs & Olson’s Utah clients to participate in Carpenter Hazlewood’s no-cost collections program, allowing associations to collect assessments without cost to the association.

Our clients usually select the firm based upon the recommendation of the firm’s existing clients or other attorneys within the Utah legal community. Our clients stay with the firm because of the prompt, professional service accorded to all of the firm’s clients, and because of the firm’s commitment to the prompt and successful resolution of our clients’ problems.

Attorney Biographies

Scott Carpenter

Lincoln Hobbs

Margaret Olson

Sarah Orme

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