Call Your Legislator. Now!

There is a very, very bad bill pending before the Utah State Legislature, which seeks to eliminate the possibility of any community association’s attempt to seek redress for a developer’s (or practically anyone else’s) negligence in constructing homes.

Homes are, for most people, the most significant investment of a lifetime. One would hope and expect that the people who build that home (and make lots of money in selling it) would stand behind what they sell to you.

But if your new home happens to be a condominium association, or a home in a Utah HOA, the developers want to restrict you from seeking recourse if they sell you a poorly constructed home. They want to make it almost impossible to pursue them in a court of law.

How? By requiring a meeting, and by requiring more than 51% approval before a lawsuit can be filed, along with providing a legal opinion which no competent lawyer would give (NOT ALONE SHARE WITH THE WORLD), and then by requiring your association to set aside a bunch of money to fund the costs of that suit. There’s more than that. Call me if you want the really ugly details.

I’m the first to admit that there are a lot of lawsuits out there without merit. But this is nothing other than developer protectionism, which should be vigorously opposed. Call your representative now. If you don’t know who to call, visit this site


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