And You Think It’s a Challenge to Maintain Your Hot Tub?

A Syracuse landowner, Mike Thayne, has a rather ambitious dream.  It appears from his website that he wants to build a community, Still Water Lake Estates, with a waterskiing lake as a common element.  Here’s how he summarizes his dream:

  One of those career moves took our family to Sacramento, California and I had the opportunity to ski in a novice slalom tournament at the Bell Aqua Lakes. I don’t recall doing very well in the tournament but I will never forget how cool I thought it was and how awesome I thought it would be to have a home that backed up to your own lake with your boat ready to go at a moments notice. And then I said to myself – this is where I want to live someday.

That was many years ago and while I have continued to ski at numerous venues around the world, I never really thought the dream of living on my own lake would become a reality. So you can imagine how excited I am about this project. It has been in the works for two years already and finally the stars are aligning and this life-long dream is taking shape.

I suppose you could call this the “Lake of Dreams.”  Let’s hope he builds it and, as they say, “If you build it, they will come.”

One thought on “And You Think It’s a Challenge to Maintain Your Hot Tub?

  1. And although I’ve represented an association with a runway, and am assisting to establish an association with a mine shaft, I didn’t know there were several waterskiing associations in Utah. See, for example Last Chance Lakes and Bear Hollow Lakes. (Sorry, can’t link in comments.)

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