Condos for Romney?

What Is Your Favorite Color?

I was a bit taken aback this morning while reviewing the SuperPAC donation information in the New York Times, to see that a Florida HOA, The Villages of Lake Sumter, Inc., had donated $250,000 to support a pro-Romney SuperPAC.  That struck me as a bit of a conflict, and probably a breach of the Association’s fiduciary duties.

Further research, however, indicates that membership in and payment of homeowner dues in the associations created in the Villages are optional, at least according to this article in Wikipedia.  (If it’s in Wikipedia, it has to be true, right?.  Just like if a candidate says it during a debate?)

I suppose that means that I’ll need to create an exception to my standard line that one of the three requirements of a community association is mandatory membership and mandatory assessments; there’s at least one exception in Florida.  I presume that the $250,00 thus came from the developer’s profits, and not from owners’ dues.

Even if it’s the developer’s money, do you think community associations should support political candidates?

3 thoughts on “Condos for Romney?

  1. Perhaps associations should support those candidates that support legislation to help condominium assoications. While more from condominium managers and attorenys, donations were given to Barney Frank and Scott Brown for their help with fighting FHA condominium regulations. During the early 1990’s, the condominium world donated to state legisaltors who saved condominium assoications by passing the Massachusetts super lien. That being said, $250,000 is a lot of money.

  2. I agree with Lincoln’s comments. Other problem I deal with during the election season is political signs on common area. 9 times out of 10 it was placed there by a campaign member and not a HOA member.

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