Running the Perfect Meeting

I’m at the October meeting of the Utah Chapter of the Community Associations Institute; John Richards of Richards Kimble and Winn is the speaker; he’s speaking on suggestions to run effective HOA meetings. His suggestions:

1. Identify all issues to be addressed (and prepare to deal with them);
2. Determine the time and place;
3. What notice is to be given?;
4. What should be contained in the notice?;
5. Once notice is out, what next? (John suggests trying to resolve anticipated issues or concerns before the meeting);
6. Consider mail-in ballots (when allowed by governing documents);
7. Can powers of attorney be used?;
8. Specific tips on conduct:
– have rules of order
– have the board sitting up front;
– assign roles for topics;
– welcome everyone and start on time
– at annual meetings, provide financial information and invite them to review other financial information;
– at annual meetings, present the positive;
– keep on time;
– don’t have prayers
9. Members in good standing?
10. Ballots received after the deadline?

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