Our Upcoming Seminar On the New Laws

I recently sent a flyer out to community associations across the state, announcing an upcoming seminar on the many changes to Utah’s Community Association Laws. Unfortunately, many clients and followers were not on that list. Since you should clearly be aware, and are encouraged to attend, I quote from the flyer, with my apologies for the oversight:

For several years, the Legislative Action Committee of the Utah Chapter of the Community Associations Institute has been advocating for a major recodification of Utah’s law respecting condominiums and HOAs.  When it became apparent that such a recodification was not possible, the legislature focused on several issues, in a number of different bills.  These bills will make sweeping changes in how all Utah community associations will operate.

Major changes include new provisions respecting the collection of assessments, including changes which may allow for non-judicial lien foreclosures; clarification and expansion of associations’ insurance obligations; increased obligations for reserve accounts and related disclosures, and notice and record disclosures.

And perhaps most significantly, a requirement that all associations – regardless of size – register and remain registered with the Utah Department of Commerce as a prerequisite to lien-based assessment collections.

This $25 course will be taught from 9 a.m. to noon, on three different dates, at three different locations: May 14 at the Utahcondolaw Training Center at 466 East 500 South, SLC, 84111; May 28 at the Daybreak Community Center, 4544 West Harvest Moon Drive South Jordan, 84095 and June 11 in Park City at 3247 Santa Fe Road.

If you want to attend, register online here, or give us a call at 801.519.2555.  We’d love to see you.

10 thoughts on “Our Upcoming Seminar On the New Laws

  1. […] And that, of course, is what the 2011 revisions to the Utah Condominium Act and the Utah Community Association Act are designed to facilitate. Your association should take advantage of the opportunities which will be allowed by this new legislation. To learn more about this method of risk management, sign up for one of our upcoming courses. […]

  2. I have attended two different sessions regarding Utah Condo/HOA laws. One of these sessions was at your offices and conducted by Lincoln Hobbs and the other was at the Miller complex where Mr. Hobbs was one of a number of presenters. I appreciate the information I have garnered thus far, but feel the need for additional enlightenment. I was hoping to find a summary of the new Utah laws pertaining to Condos and HOAs at UTAHCONDOLAW.COM
    Is there such a summary on this site and I just missed it??

    I would appreciate being steered in the direction where such information can be found.

    Arnold Angle, Pres
    HL Homeowners Association, Inc.

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