Construction Defects in Utah

I had the privilege and honor to be an invited guest at Community Solutions & Sales’ monthly managers’ meeting today; I spoke to an attentive group about construction defect litigation. The stories that I told — and those that I heard — all shared a common theme; construction defect litigation is too time consuming, too expensive and too destructive to communities.

Unfortunately, the other common theme is that there’s still a lot of defective construction out there, and developers and contractors would often rather deny than address the problems. We can only hope that proposed changes in civil procedure (the rules by which lawsuits are governed), and a realization of the need for better alternatives, can result in prompter, more efficient resolutions to these issues when they arise.  (As they will.)

I also enjoyed an informative presentation by John Boekweg, C.P.A. and David Lewis, C.P.A.,  both with the accounting firm of HEB Business Solutions, who both spoke knowledgeably about community association audits and taxes, and the need to retain professional accountants with knowledge of the industry.

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