Sociopaths in Community Associations…

Next January, I will be co-presenting a program, “My Neighbor Must be a Sociopath: Mediating Multi-Party HOA Disputes with Difficult Personalities,” with my colleagues and good friends Karin Hobbs and William Bohling, of Bohling/Hobbs Professional Mediation.  The presentation will be at the 2011 College of Community Association Lawyers’ Law Seminar, to be held at the Venetian Resort and Hotel, in Las Vegas Nevada, on January 13 through 15, 2011.

A recent poll conducted by Zogby for the Foundation for Community Association Research found that the vast majority of community association residents are either neutral or positive regarding their community associations, with only 10% considering their community association experience negatively.   A copy of the survey results is available here.

A smaller portion of that 10% exhibits their negativity by creating problems for their neighbors and communities.  This session of the seminar will consider options and approaches to dealing with problematic neighbors, whether or not they rise to a diagnosable level of disfunction.

It probably goes without saying that in my twenty-plus years of practice as a community association lawyer, I’ve met and seen many neighbors that may have been sociopaths.  Nonetheless, an important part of our program will be some good stories, so if you have any particularly good examples of outrageous behavior in community associations, please share them through a comment.  Non-defamatory and anonymous comments will be shared, unless you request otherwise.

One thought on “Sociopaths in Community Associations…

  1. Hi, I had a neighbor who went after our oldest community resident who was 93.
    Another neighbor went after our only African American.
    Another went after a young immigrant family and cost all of the above thousands of dollars and years of misery.
    The sociopathic qualities (absence of empathy,manipulative conduct, ect)
    in MY neighborhood is the exclusive domain of the Association Board members.

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