Re-Broadcast of “Amending C, C & R’s and Bylaws”

The National Business Institute has just asked me (very nicely, I might add), if they can rebroadcast the national teleconference that I presented last May.

Here’s their email:

Good Morning Lincoln

The NBI teleconference you spoke for in May 2010 was a hit! We would like to rebroadcast this event in February 2011. We replay the recorded original teleconference. The teleconference rebroadcast involves you being available for questions at the end of the event.

We would like to hold the rebroadcast sometime during the week of Feb 14th

Would you be interested?

Thanks and Enjoy Your Day!

Laurie Johnston

NBI, Inc  | Senior Legal Product Specialist | Customer Care Team

Needless to say, I agreed.  When the date and time are chosen, I’ll post the details.

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