Chinese Drywall

Several months ago, the New York Times posted a story on the proven hazards associated with so-called “Chinese Drywall.”  Here’s the story.

Let’s hope that there’s no Chinese drywall that made it into Utah.  If there is, the manufacturers will be insulated from liability, thanks to our Utah Legislature and HB 220, which they passed two years ago.

3 thoughts on “Chinese Drywall

  1. Unlikely that the Chinese drywall made it to Utah. Most of this product ended up in Louisiana and Florida, with a smattering in other eastern states. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has a website devoted to this problem. That site includes a map of jurisdictions in which Chinese Drywall has been reported. Utah has not reported any properties in which this product was used.


    • I’m quite sure that you are correct. We have several nearby manufacturers of drywall, and the shipping costs would make importing rather ridiculous. The point remains, however, that our local legislature, in their desire to purportedly protect the building industry, is also protecting in-state and out-of-state manufacturers of dangerous products.

  2. Hopefully the chinese drywall did not make it to Utah. I think it is limited to Florida and Louisiana.

    But, now they are saying that there might be some American made drywall that is corrosive…. GREAT!

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