Quality Building Award

After the posting on this blog several months ago about the builder who tried to sell a condominium unit without plumbing fixtures and appliances, and after this KSL story about Ivory Homes’ installation of a fence around a yard without including a gate, I’m thinking I should start giving out “Quality Building Awards.”

The first recipient is Ivory Homes, who responded to the woman’s complaint by blaming her and her Realtor for the omission of a gate. According to their spokesperson Nate Parker:

“Paula had a Realtor acting as the buyer’s agent for the transaction. The buyer’s agent has the fiduciary responsibility to review paperwork to ensure that it represents the buyers’ wishes.”

I’ve reviewed Ivory Homes’ standard paperwork and am quite certain that if anyone read it and understood it, they’d realize that it wouldn’t represent any intelligent buyer’s wishes. Of course that’s only my opinion.

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