City Creek in The New York Times

A recent New York Times article gives some great coverage to Salt Lake City and the City Creek Center project that is quickly changing downtown Salt Lake City’s skyline.

Most of the information on the project has been covered before, but there are a couple of new and interesting details in the article. For one, the project will include “Fountains that include fire and bells — designed by the company responsible for water features at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas . . . ” (Does that mean that what happens at the fountain will stay at the fountain?)

Another interesting fact is that one bedroom, Temple view condominiums are being sold for more than $900,000. The price isn’t that surprising; the fact that they’re building and selling one bedroom units with that view is. Then again, I suppose there aren’t that many families who could afford a larger condo with the same view. (Interestingly, a New York Times article from about 18 months ago made me speculate, in an earlier post, just how much the view would be worth.)

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