Liveblogging CCAL — Part 2

The current session is dealing with the perpetual issue of when to report a liability claim. The speaker, Jeanette Dixon Lee-Sam, is reporting that one of the largest reasons for denial is the failure to give timely notice. She reports that her company (AIG) has a staff or lawyers, one of whom will be appointed to seek to resolve the claim, in house.

Ms. Lee-Sam has stated, more conclusively than I have ever heard anyone state, that the notice of a potential claim will not adversely affect coverage or premiums. Her co-presenter, Joel Meskin, generally agreed, although he said that a number of notices may have an adverse effect.

Association lawyers who wish to provide a defense on behalf of their insureds, and insured associations which wish to have their counsel are advised to: 1) carefully consider whether that is, in fact in the association’s best interest; 2) articulate, if they do wish to represent the association, how they are specially suited to assist, and 3) be willing to accept the insurer’s scheduled rates.

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