New Proposed Pool Rules

The Utah Department of Health has submitted a proposed rule to try to avoid, or at least minimize the risk of, another Cryptosporidiosis outbreak this summer; a link to their release on the proposed rule is here.

For those of you who just want the quick summary, here it is, according to the Department of Health:

SUMMARY OF THE RULE OR CHANGE: The following additions have been made: 1) a definition of a cleansing shower has been added; 2) a requirement for operators to follow The Centers for Disease Control Fecal Accident Response Recommendations; 3) a requirement prohibiting swimmers from swimming if they have diarrhea, or have had diarrhea within the last two weeks; 4) a requirement for young children and those who cannot control evacuative bodily functions to wear swim diapers or waterproof swimwear; 5) requirements pool operators must follow in response to the Department of Health issuance of Cryptosporidiosis “Watches” and “Warnings”; 6) modifications to the requirement for drain covers that are less than 24 inches by 24 inches to meet the cited ANSI/ASME standard rather than requiring a listing by a laboratory that has tested the drain cover using the ANSI/ASME standard; 7) a requirement to provide soap for patrons in the shower area, in addition to lavatories; and 8)the drain cover requirement is relaxed to allow large drain covers that meet the standard but that have not been independently certified to meet the standard.

Regular readers of this blog, and those who know me, are well aware that I’m a strong advocate of relying upon others for assistance in rulemaking and enforcement; these rules, if adopted, will help associations protect the health of owners and guests while avoiding the risks associated with familial status discrimination under the Fair Housing Act.

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