Another Owner You Should Be Happy Not to Have…

Many months ago, I posted an entry about why you wouldn’t want Courtney Love in your association; now I suppose you can add Paris Hilton to that list.

Ms. Hilton, it seems, has gotten herself into trouble (yeah, I know you say; “what else is new”). This time, however, its because of her animals, and not her conduct.

The Los Angeles Department of Animal Services is investigating Ms. Hilton, because she apparently boasted to Ellen DeGeneres about her 17 dogs. An animal protection organization called the authorities, and the authorities paid a visit to Ms. Hilton’s home. According to my source my source, (Ireland Online), neither Ms. Hilton nor her dogs were home when the authorities arrived.

This story serves as a good reminder of my regular advice to associations that the local authorities (animal authorities, boards of health, environmental agencies) are often helpful in dealing with problem owners and tenants.

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