Fine…Just Fine…

Inquiries have been flying in over the past few weeks about associations’ rights and powers to fine their noncompliant residents. It thus seems appropriate to remind readers, therefore, that the right to impose liens associated with fines is limited by statute.

Utah Code Ann. 57-8-37 applies to condominium associations, and limits fines “for a continuing violation” to $500 per month. The legislation does not define what “a continuing violation” is.

Utah Code Ann. 57-8a-208 applies to other community associations, and does not contain any limitation upon the amount that can be fined.

Both statutes entitle the fined unit owner to have a hearing, if the fine is contested. The hearing rights vary, depending upon the type of association.

So, if you want to fine someone, I’d recommend that you consult competent counsel before you act.

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