South Salt Lake Doesn’t Want Renters, Either.

The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting that the City of Salt Lake is jumping onto the anti-rental bandwagon:

Rentals: All units will now pay fees

By Cathy McKitrick
The Salt Lake Tribune
Article Last Updated: 08/24/2007 01:05:44 AM MDT

SOUTH SALT LAKE – Landlords of single-family homes and duplexes now will be expected to obtain business licenses through the city.
In January, the City Council passed an ordinance to require the new licenses and associated fees for rentals with three units or more. Wednesday night, council members extended the law to apply to one- and two-unit rentals as well.
The program also requires that landlords evict tenants who engage in criminal activity, said City Attorney David Carlson.
In this older urban area directly south of Salt Lake City, 62 percent of its 23,000 residents rent rather than own. A study identified an estimated 1,156 units that fall in this category – at $24 each, those units would net the city $27,744 in revenue.
However, the new law is aimed more at reducing crime than filling the city’s coffers.
“We’re not doing this to get money,” said Council Chairman Casey Fitts. “We’re doing it to clean up a problem.”
Carlson expects enforcement to be largely complaint-driven.
“We don’t expect 100 percent compliance,” said Councilman John Weaver. “This is an added tool for our staff to make headway on something citizens have deemed a priority. We can assess its effectiveness in the future.”
At least one council member, Mike Rutter, is a landlord. He said he plans to comply.
“I applaud what’s being done – even though it will cost me a little more money. It’s important,” Rutter said.

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